Postcard – Sky Ride at Chicago’s World Fair 1933

Postmarked: 18 August 1933, Chicago IL
To: Mr. Alex Gray, Craig, MO

The thrill of this
“Sky Ride” trip above
the greatest fair the
world has ever known
reminds me of the
joy experienced in
hearing from my grateful
Thornton and Minor
Clinic friends.

Dr. A. J. Maris

The Thornton and Minor Clinic was in Kansas City, Missouri.

The postcard is printed with this description:
Sky Ride
One of the most interesting features of Chicago’s World’s Fair is the “Sky Ride.” The towers are 600 feet high and 1,850 feet apart. Double decked rocket cars will run suspended from 4 cabled tracks between and around the two towers. The estimated cost of construction of the “Sky Ride” is $1,000,000.00.
1833 Century of Progress Chicago World’s Fair 1933

Someone in Alex Gray’s household received a birthday card from Thornton and Minor Clinic. Lula Gray, as a patient at the Clinic, sent a postcard home to her sister Erma Gray.