Henry Kilman (1826-1893) & Susan Releabie Hopper (1829-1895)

Henry Killman & Susan Releabie Hopper are my 3x great grandparents, the parents of my 2x great grandmother Mary A. Kilman.

Henry Killman was born about 1829 in Tennessee. His year of birth varies greatly on the documents I have: 1829 on the 1850 US Census, 1824 on the 1860 US Census, 1826 on his Civil War enlistment, 1830 on the 1870 US Census and 1824 on the 1880 US Census, which also changes his birthplace to Kentucky.) His parents were Levin Killman & Mary Hendricks. Read about them here.

Susan Releabie Hopper was born in about 1829 in Tennessee. Her year of birth varies on documents I have: 1827 on the 1860 US Census, 1833 on the 1870 US Census, 1826 on the 1880 US Census. Her parents were Stephen Hopper & Bethenia Robertson. Read about them here.

Henry was found on the 1850 US Census at age 21 in Overton, Tennessee living with parents Levin (age 55) and Mary (age 60). Also in the house was sister Milly, age 20.

Henry and Susan married in about 1851.

On the 1860 US Census, in Monroe, Kentucky, Henry is listed as 36, and Susan is listed as 33. They had 3 children: Stephen, age 8; Edna, age 4; Mary, age 3. Also in the house were boarders Luford Short, age 22, and Thomas Walker, age 21. Henry, Mary and the two boarders are marked as unable to read or write.

Henry enlisted in 1861 to fight for the Confederacy in the Civil War. He served as a private in 25th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry Company G.

On the 1870 US Census, still in Monroe, Kentucky, Henry is listed as 40 and Susan is listed as 37. Stephen was 17, Edna Jane was 14, and Mary was 12.

The family moved to Missouri.

Minutes of Mincy Valley Baptist Church of Christ from October and November of 1873 indicate that Henry & Mary and their daughters Mary and Edna were baptized.

On the 1880 US Census, the family was found in Scott, Taney County, Missouri. Henry was listed as 56 and Susan was listed as 54. Daughter Mary was 23 and son William was 10. All but son William are marked as “maimed, crippled, bedridden or disabled.”

Henry died August 14, 1893. He was about 64. Susan died November 6, 1895. She was about 66.

The children of Henry Killman & Susan R. Hopper:

Stephen Alford Killman – Stephen was born February 25, 1853 in Monroe, Kentucky. He married Nancy Watson in about 1872 and they had 6 children. He married Catherine (last name unknown) in about 1897 and they had 3 children. Stephen’s applications to Eastern Cherokee (denied) lists his mother’s name as Susan Releabie Hopper, his own birthdate and birthplace, his children and their birthdates, his parents death dates, his grandparent’s names and their children’s names. He claimed his grandparents and great grandparents were driven from a reservation in Tennessee in 1835. My last record of him is on the 1930 US Census when he lived in Creek, Okfuskee, Oklahoma with his daughter Elizabeth’s family.

Edna Virginia Jane Killman – Edna was born in 1856. She married John Hiram Thomason in 1875. They had 8 children and divorced. She was listed as widowed on the 1910 and 1920 US Census, but her husband had remarried and had another child. She died in 1923. Her Find A Grave memorial is here.

Mary A. Killman – My 2x great grandmother Mary was born is September of 1858 in Kentucky. In 1883, she married Abraham Parks. They had 3 children. Read about her here.

William Killman – William was born about 1870 in Tennessee and appears only on the 1880 US Census.