Levin Killman (1795-?) & Mary Hendricks (1790-?)

Levin Killman was born about 1795 in North Carolina. He was the son of Henry Killman and Delilah Jensie Broadhead.

Mary Hendrick was born in about 1790 in North Carolina. Her parents are unknown.

On the 1840 US Census, Levin was head of a household in Monroe Kentucky. There were 8 in the household: 2 males aged 10-14 (Henry was 11 & Calvin was 10); 1 male aged 40-49 (Levin was about 45); 1 female aged 5-9; 1 female aged 10-14 (Milly was 10); 2 females aged 15-19; 1 female aged 40-49 (Mary was about 50). There are 3 unknown children on this Census.

The last record I have of Levin and Mary is the 1850 US Census, the family lived in Overton, Tennessee. Levin was 55, Mary was 60, son Henry was 21, and daughter Milly was 20.

The children of Levin Killman & Mary Hendrick:

Calvin Killman –  Calvin was born about 1830 in Tennessee. He married Martha (last name unknown) and they adopted a daughter. The last record I have of him is the 1880 US Census, when he was 50 and lived in Burkesville, Cumberland County, Kentucky with his wife and daughter.

Henry Killman – My 3x great grandfather Henry was born about 1829 in Tennessee. He married Susan Releabie Hopper in about 1851, and they had 4 children. Henry died August 14, 1893. Read about him here.

Milly Killman – Milly was born about 1830 in Tennessee according to the only record I have of her, the 1850 US Census.

Other children, according to grandson Stephen Alford Killman, who applied to the Eastern Cherokee claiming Levin’s mother Delilah Jensie Broadhead was Cherokee, Levin and Mary also had children named Jane, Delilah, Phoebe and Polly Ann.