Abraham Parks (1842-1900) & Mary A. Kilman (1858-1916)


Abraham Parks and Mary Kilman are my 2X great grandparents, parents of my great grandmother Maybelle Parks.

Abraham Parks was born in March of 1842 in Tennessee. He is the son of Robert Huntington Park and R. Andes.

Mary Kilman was born is September of 1858 in Kentucky. She is the daughter of Henry Kilman and Susan Hopper.

On the 1850 US Census,  Abraham was in Swan, Taney County, Missouri. He was 8, his father Robert was 40 and his mother R was 26. His 4 half-siblings from Robert’s first marriage live in the home.

On the 1860 US Census, Abraham was 18 and lived in Sugar Loaf, Carroll County, Arkansas. He lived with father Robert, age 50, and stepmother Prudence, age 34, and 6 siblings.

Abraham served in Company G, 3rd Regiment of Missouri Cavalry in the Civil War. His father joined the Tennessee infantry. But both fought on the Confederate side.

Abraham married Eady Anne Alley (maiden name Cane) on September 6, 1866 in Shelby, Illinois. He was 24. She was 32, had been married, and had 5 children. (Her first husband, Isaac Alley, died of typhoid fever during the Civil War, serving the Union with Company I, Illinois 5th Cavalry Regiment.) Abraham and Eady Anne had a son, William Henry Parks, in 1869.

On the 1870 US Census, Abraham, age 28, and Eady, age 38, were farming in Cullen, Pulaski County, Missouri.

On the 1880 US Census the family lived in Boone County, Arkansas. Abraham, Eady and their son William were enumerated on June 9, 1880.

We don’t know what happened to Eady, or how this timing works out, but Abraham and his next wife, Mary Ann Killman, and they had a daughter 4 months after that census.  Maggie, was born October 16, 1880, in Kirbyville, Taney County, Missouri.

Backing up a bit, on the 1880 US Census, Mary, age 23, was in Scott, Taney County, Missouri. She lived with her father, age 56; her mother, age 54; and her brother, age 10). It is indicated that Mary and both of her parents were “maimed, crippled, bedridden, or otherwise disabled.

On the 1900 US Census. Abraham was 58 and Mary was 42. They lived in Bear Creek, Boone County, Arkansas. Mary had given birth to 7 children, 4 of them living. And they reported having been married for 17 years – which is why I believe they married in 1883. Stephen, age 16, and Maybelle (Maryan M), age 11, lived at home. Now, this is interesting. Living in the next house on the Census, with the Reed family, was Abraham and Mary’s daughter Susie Parks, age 15, and under relationship it says “ad dau.” Also listed with the family is Charles Parton, age 15, relationship “ad son.” Abraham and Mary’s oldest daughter Maggie was already married by this time, and is found on the census with her husband, oddly enough named Charles Parton. If someone knows why Susie Parks was living next door to her parents, please let me know.

Abraham died December 4, 1900 in Boone County, Arkansas, according to Arkansas Confederate Pension Records. He was 58. He is buried in Cedar Creek Cemetery in Cedarcreek, Taney County, Missouri. His Find A Grave memorial is here.

On the 1910 US Census, Mary was 54 and lived in Carrolton, Boone County, Arkansas with son Stephen age 26, his wife Ollie age 19, and their baby.  I lose track of Mary after that, and don’t know when she died.

The children of Abraham B. Parks & Eady Anne Cane are:

William Henry Parks – William was born on September 24, 1869 in Pulaski County, Missouri. He was 11 when his mother died. He married Jane Carpenter on January 15, 1893 in Taney County, Missouri. They had 8 children, and farmed in Boone County, Arkansas and Taney County, Missouri. William died on November 16, 1944 in Taney County, Missouri. He was 75. His Find A Grave memorial is here.

The children of Abraham B. Parks & Mary A. Kilman are:

Maggie Parks – Maggie was born on October 16, 1880 in Kirbyville, Taney County, Missouri. Her mother died soon after. Maggie married Charles Henry Parton on October 24, 1897 in Taney County, Missouri. They had 9 children and farmed in Taney County, Missouri and Boone County, Arkansas. In 1940 Charles was a constable in Boone County and Maggie worked in a canning factory. She died on September 27, 1951 in Omaha, Boone County, Arkansas. She was 70. Her Find A Grave memorial is here.

Stephen Abraham Parks – Stephen was born January 28, 1884 in Forsyth, Taney County, Missouri. He married Ollie Mary Thomason on October 9, 1908 in Boone County, Arkansas. They had one son. Stephen farmed in Boone County, Arkansas in 1910 and worked on the railroad in Taney County, Missouri in 1930. He died in 1941 in Boone County, Arkansas. He was 56 or 57. His Find A Grave memorial is here.

Susie Parks – Susie was born on May 1, 1885 in Forsyth, Taney County, Missouri. She married William Arthur Hopper on August 15, 1900 in Taney County, Missouri. They had 6 children but only 3 lived. They divorced in 1910. She married James Bruce Patterson on March 30, 1910 in Carroll County, Arkansas. They had no children. On the 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940 US Census they are farming in Arkansas. She died January 13, 1958 in Contra Costa, California. She was 72. Her Find A Grave memorial is here.

Maybelle Parks – My great grandmother Maybelle was born on July 6, 1887 in Forsyth, Taney County, Missouri. She married John Henry Hopper on July 14, 1902 in Boone County, Arkansas. They had 13 children. Maybelle died February 28, 1956 in Los Angeles, California. She was 68. Her Find A Grave memorial is here. Read more about her life here.