Martin VanBuren Perkins (1845-1924) & Mary Alice Lamb (1856-1881)

Updated November 2020

Martin & Alice are Todd’s great great grandparents, the parents of his great grandfather Oatis Nelty Perkins.

Martin VanBuren Perkins was born on November 17, 1845 in Warren, Illinois. His parents are Edward Perkins and Sarah Huffman. He was the 3rd and their 10 children. Read more about Edward and Sarah here.

Mary Alice Lamb was born in 1856 or 1857 in Ohio. Her parents are Hiram Lamb and Sarah Burkhead. She was the 2nd of their 5 children. You can see Hiram’s Find A Grave memorial here and Sarah’s here.

Prior to marrying Mary Alice Lamb, Martin married Lavina M. Porter on October 3, 1869 in Warren, Iowa. They had a son, Cyrus, who was born in late 1870 and died on February 6, 1871. Lavina died on May 19, 1871. Her Find A Grave memorial is here.

Martin married Mary Alice Lamb on November 5, 1874 in Warren County, Iowa.

On the 1880 US Census, the family was enumerated twice in Jefferson, Iowa, first on July 1 and then on July 7. Martin was 34 and farming, and Alice was 24. Their son Oatis Nelty was 3. Living with them was 17-year-old Edward Perkins, Martin’s cousin.

Their son Elmer was born in 1881. I do not know if Mary Alice died, or if they divorced. I can’t find her after this. (Mary Alice’s parents, and Martin and his two other wives, are all buried in Linn Grove Cemetery in Prole, Iowa. There is no sign of Mary Alice being buried there. So I suspect there was a divorce, she remarried, and I’m just not finding the records.)

Martin married Nancy Elizabeth Kellar Coffee on January 31, 1886 in Warren, Iowa. She had been widowed and had two children.

On the 1900 US Census, Martin was 52 and Nancy was 51. He was teamster in Des Moines, Iowa. They had two children: Govia, age 13; and Bertha, age 10. Also in the home were Nancy’s children from her first marriage: Charles Coffee, age 24, a teamster; and Fred Coffee, age 17, a messenger.

On the 1910 US Census, Martin was 64 and Nancy was 61. Martin was a teamster for the City of Des Moines. Stepson Charles Coffee was 36 and working as a teamster for a brewery. Stepson Fred Coffee was 25 and working as an iron cutter for bridge works. Son Govia was 22 and worked as a carpenter. Daugther Bertha was 21. There was also a lodger, Peter Peters, age 68, a night watchman.

On the 1920 US Census, Martin was 74 and a weighman for city scales. He was boarding with the Hilliard family in Des Moines. Nancy was 67 and lived with sons Govia, age 27, a locomotive engineer; and Fred Coffey, age 32, a laborer at an incubation factory.

Elizabeth died on April 25, 1921 in Des Moines, Iowa. Her Find A Grave memorial is here.

Martin died November 24, 1924 in Warren, Iowa. His Find A Grave memorial is here.

The child of Martin VanBuren Perkins & Lavinah M. Porter:

Cyrus Perkins – Cyris was born on November 10, 1870 in Iowa, and died on February 6, 1871. His Find A Grave memorial is here.

The children of Martin VanBuren Perkins & Mary Alice Lamb:

Oatis Nelty Perkins – This is Todd’s great grandfather. Read more about him here.

Isaac Elmer Perkins – Elmer was born on January 11, 1881 in Warren County, Iowa. He married Izetta Boggs on February 3, 1907 in Taylor, Iowa. They had 2 children and divorced. He married Nora Anderson Rose on March 26, 1921 in Mason City, Iowa. He died September 6, 1933 in Dixon, Illinois.

The children of Martin VanBuren Perkins & Nancy Elizabeth Kellar:

Govia Colmore Perkins – Govia was born on January 13, 1887 in Warren, Iowa. He married Lillian Schodt and they had 2 children. He died on April 20, 1948 in Des Moines, Iowa. His Find A Grave memorial is here.

Bertha D. Perkins – Bertha was born on February 19, 1889 in Warren, Iowa. She married Archie Harter on August 24, 1910 in Polk, Iowa. She died on April 10, 1911 in Warren, Iowa. Her Find A Grave memorial is here.

Howard William Reece (1914-1982) & Inez Faye Perkins (1921-2005)

updated November 2020.

Howard and Inez were Todd’s maternal grandparents.

Howard William Reece was born on June 23, 1914 in Shannon City, Iowa. His parents were Thomas Elmer Reece and Katherine Pamelia Hampton. He was the 4th of their 8 children. Read about their family here.

Inez Faye Perkins was born on January 31, 1921 in Knowlton, Iowa. Her parents were Oatis Nelty Perkins and Laura May Ruby. She was the 10th of their 12 children. Read about their family here.

Howard William Reece, Inez Faye Perkins Reece, and their daughter, in about 1945.

On the 1920 US Census, Howard was 5. His father Thomas was 36 and mother Kate was 37. Siblings in the home were: Edna, age 14; Lela, age 9; Elmer, age 7; Leona, age 3; and Marion, age 1. They farmed in Jefferson, Ringgold County, Iowa. The next year, Howard’s brother Marion died.

On the 1930 US Census, Inez was 9, and lived with father Oatis, age 53, and mother Laura, age 45. They were farmers in Ringgold County, Iowa. Siblings in the home were: Clay, age 20; Maisel, age 16; Martin, age 14; Vildren, age 12; Carmel, age 11; Addie, age 7; and Goldie, age 4. Her sister Bernice had died in 1926.

Meanwhile, Howard was 15. His father Thomas was 47 and his mother Kate was 47. They farmed in Jefferson, Ringgold County, Iowa. Siblings in the home were: Elmer, age 17; and Leona, age 13.

In 1936, Inez’s mother Laura died.

On the 1940 US Census, Inez was 19, and she worked as a housekeeper for another family. Her father Oatis was 63 and widowed. Her brother Martin, age 24, was a farmer, and her sister Goldie, was 14. They lived in Jefferson, Ringgold County, Iowa.

Meanwhile, Howard was 25 and the only child living at home. His father Thomas was 57 and his mother Kate was 56. They farmed in Grant, Union County, Iowa.

Howard and Inez were married on June 5, 1941 in Ringgold County, Iowa. Inez was 20 years old, and Howard was 26. They had a daughter that year too.

Howard served in the Army in World War II, from December 14, 1942-November 18, 1945. During this time they had a daughter who died the day she was born. In 1946, they had son Wayne, In 1948, and they had two more sons in 1948 and 1949.

In 1951, Howard’s father Thomas and his sister Edna died. In 1954, Inez’s father Oatis died. In 1956, Inez’s sister Maisel died. In 1962, Howard’s mother Kate died. In 1967, their son Wayne died serving in Vietnam. In 1968, Inez’s brother Ray died. In 1979, Inez’s sister Alice died.

Howard Reece Inez Reece 1979 perhaps006

Howard William Reece & Inez Faye Perkins

Howard died on August 9, 1982 in Creston, Iowa. He was 68 years old. His Find A Grave memorial is here.

In 1986, Inez’s brother Martin died. In 1989, her sister Goldie died. In 1993, her sister Mettie died. In 1994, her brother Cecil died. In 1999, her brother Addie died. In 2001, her sisters Carmel and Vildren died, leaving Inez with no living siblings.

Inez died on September 12, 2005 in Creston, Iowa. She was 84 years old. Her Find A Grave memorial is here.

The children of Howard William Reece & Inez Faye Perkins:

REECE Howard Wayne Marine

Howard Wayne Reece

Daughter, living

Patricia Mae Reece – Patricia was born and died on January 1, 1943. Her Find A Grave memorial is here.

Howard Wayne Reece – Wayne was born on August 21, 1946 in Diagonal, Iowa. He served in Vietnam with the United States Marines. He died in Quang Nam Province, South Vietnam, on February 16, 1967. He was 20 years old. His Find A Grave memorial is here.

Two sons, living