Reuben Levi Short (1840-1906) and Sarah Blakesley (1839-1908)

Reuben Levi Short and Sarah Blakesley are Todd’s 3X Great Grandparents.

Todd’s mother Marilyn is in the DNA Circle for Reuben Levi Short at

Reuben Levi Short was born December 5, 1840 in Vermillion County, Indiana. He is the son of Isaac Short and Susannah Combs. Reuben is found living with them on the 1850 US Census in Helt, Vermillion County, Indiana.

Sarah Blakesley was born May 22, 1839 in Indiana. She was the daughter of Silas Blakesley and Sarah Edwards.

Reuben and Sarah were married in about 1856 in Vermillion County, Indiana.

On the 1860 US Census, Reuben was 20 and Sarah was 21. They lived in Helt, Vermillion County, Indiana. They had a daughter, Melissa, age 3. Also in the home was Reuben’s mother Susannah, age 60; Rueben’s sister Susannah, age 11; and an unknown Nancy Louis, age 60. Nancy lives with Susannah on the 1870 US Census also, so I wonder if they were sisters.

Reuben enlisted to serve in the Civil War on August 11, 1862 in Indiana. He was in Company D, 85th Indiana Infantry. He was discharged June 12, 1865 near Washington DC.

On the 1870 US Census, the family was in Helt, Vermillion County, Indiana. Reuben was 29 and Sarah was 30. They had 3 children at home: Laura J, age 10; Albert, age 8; and Malinda, age 2.

On the 1880 US Census, the family had relocated to Brouilletts, Edgar County, Illinois. Reuben was 39 and Sarah was 41. Children at home were: Laura, age 19; Albert, age 18; Lizzy, age 11; and Emma, age 8.

On the 1900 US Census, the family was back in Vermillion County, Indiana, in Elwood. Reuben was 59 and Sarah was 60. Reuben’s brother Robert, age 70, lived with them. They reported having been married 40 years and having 4 children, so it is possible that Reuben had a wife before Sarah and that Todd’s 2X Great Grandmother Melissa is from that marriage.

Reuben was admitted to the US Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers in Danville, Vermillion County, Indiana on July 30, 1903. He died there of pulmonary tuberculosis on August 7, 1906. His Find A Grave memorial is here.

Sarah died of pulmonary tuberculosis also, on March 27, 1908 in Wayne, Henry County, Indiana.

The children of Reuben Levi Short and Sarah Blakesley:

Melissa Short – Melissa is Todd’s 2X Great Grandmother. Read about her here.

(Note: There’s a problem with birth dates for the following two children. Death certificates for Laura and Albert have them born 3 months apart in 1862. On the two census reportings when they were children, they are 1 and 2 years apart and Laura is older. Albert’s birth year appears consistently in documents as 1862, except the 1900 US Census, which says March 1861. Laura’s birth year varies from 1860-1861-1862-1864-1865. The 1900 US Census says January 1862. I suspect Laura was born in 1860 and Albert in 1862. Then there’s a break in births because Reuben was serving in the Civil War.)

Laura J. Short – Laura was born January 2, 1860 in Scottland, Edgar County, Illinois. She married Basil Thomas on February 26, 1886 in Douglas County, Illinois. They had 4 children. He died in 1910 and Laura married Joshua Kight.  She died January 22, 1931 in Paris, Edgar County, Illinois.

Albert Short – Albert was born in March 2, 1862 in Hillsdale, Vermillion County, Indiana. He married Francis Conley on December 10, 1881 in Ringgold County, Iowa. They had a son, and she died. He married Maggie Ladd on January 24, 1889 in Vermillion County, Indiana. They had no children. He died November 12, 1946 in St. Joseph County, Indiana.

Malinda Lizzy Short – Malinda was born in about 1869 or 1870. The only records I have for her is the 1870 US Census, where she is “Malinda L.” and the 1880 US Census where she is “Lizzy.”

Rosie Emma Short – Rosie was born in 1871. She married James Shanks in 1889. He was a laborer for the railroad and in the automobile industry. They had 8 children. She appears in Quaker meeting minutes for Vermillion County, Indiana. She died in 1962. Her Find A Grave memorial is here.

Mettie Ruby McConnell (1881-1940) at Cripple Creek, Colorado 1906

Here’s a photo of Mettie Ruby McConnell, wife of Henry Clay McConnell (1879-1960), in June of 1906 in Cripple Creek, Colorado. Mettie was the sister of Todd’s great grandmother Laura May Ruby.

RUBY Mettie m McConnell June 1906 Cripple Creek Co b&w

Cripple Creek is located at the base of Pike’s Peak in Teller County, Colorado.  Gold was discovered there in 1890 and by 1900 it was a booming mine town.

Mettie is the daughter of James Addison Ruby and Melissa Short. She married Henry Clay McConnell on October 9, 1901 in Ringgold County, Iowa. They spent their lives in Iowa, but went to Cripple Creek, Colorado for the Gold Rush. Did they do well there, I wonder?

On his World War I Draft Registration Card, Clay reports that he is a farmer, but a note is added that he’d recently purchased 80 acres of land, had been traveling frequently, so hadn’t been doing much farming lately.

They had one daughter, Dorothy Lee, born on April 1918. Clay was listed as an automobile salesman on the 1920 US Census, and in 1930 & 1940 had no occupation. Mettie died in 1940 and her Find A Grave memorial is here.