A Photo Album Belonging to William Henderson Reece & Mary Lavina Montgomery – Part 1

An album of amazing photographs has been passed to me, and I need help identifying most of the people in the photos. Please let me know if you can identify anyone! It belonged to Mary Lavina Montgomery Reece and her husband William Henderson Reece.

Here’s the cover sheet and the album itself:

I’ll start with photos that include identification:

MONTGOMERY John William FRANKLIN Martha Victoria

This is indicated to be John and Martha, and on Ancestry.com I found this same photo attached to John William Montgomery and his wife Martha Victoria Franklin. The photographer was Eckles Brothers in Lamar, Missouri.

John is the brother of Mary Lavina Montgomery Reece, the owner of the photo album.

Photographer: Scribner’s New Art Gallery, Altanta Illinois


Written on back in pencil: Alice Gummere

Research shows she is Celestia Alice Gummere, who worked for the Creston Post Office along with her father. The photographer was Caleb Agnew/Agnew Studios of Creston, Iowa. I don’t know yet if she’s related to the Reece or Montgomery family.

Here’s the start of the photos in the book which need identification. We will call these Photo 1 (Kerr’s Studio, Lincoln, Illinois), Photo 2 (Kerr’s Studio, Lincoln, Illinois), and Photo 3 (Nora, Coates, Cerro Gordo.)

We will call these Photo 4 (Farley Photgrapher), and Photo 5 (E. N. Kerr, Lincoln, Illinois):

Check out Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4. I look forward to hearing from anyone who can identify someone in these photos!