Andrew Mayfield Watrous (1805-1871) & Harriet Vandercook (1807->1850)

Andrew Mayfield Watrous is my 4x great grandparents, the father of my 3x great grandfather Andrew M. Watrous.

For now I am considering the mother of Andrew M. Watrous to be Harriet Vandercook. She is listed as the mother of Andrew Mayfield Watrous’ daughter Julia on a marriage record. On 1850 US Census, his wife was listed as Harriet. I think that Harriet died shortly after the Census, and he married a woman named Matilda. Matilda appears with him in 1860 and 1870, and in 1880 as his widow. I can’t find any marriage records for Andrew. Most online family trees list Andrew’s first wife as Hannah Vanderbrook, and it’s possible that Harriet Vandercook is actually Hannah Vanderbrook. But I haven’t found a record linking him to a wife named Hannah. Also, a check of the 1810 US Census in New York found 4 matches to names that could become Vandercook (VanderCook, Vanderkirk, Van Der Cock) but got no hits for Vanderbrook. It is possible that Andrew had a wife prior to Harriet/Hannah, because the one child linked to Harriet has 3 older siblings who could have a different mother. This is a work in progress …  and if you have information to share with me I would love to hear from you.

Andrew Mayfield Watrous 1805 in New York. He was a son of Phineas Watrous and Hannah Chadwick.

Harriet Vandercook was born about 1811 in New York. Her parents are unknown.

On the 1830 US Census, Andrew was head of a household of 6 in Lyons, Wayne County, New York: 1 male aged 20-29 (Andrew was 25); 2 females under age 5 (unknown, neither lives to 1840); 1 female aged 5-9 (unknown, doesn’t live to 1840, and probably not their child due to mother’s age); 1 female aged 10-14 (unknown, not their child due to ages of parents); 1 female aged 20-29 (Harriet was 19).

In 1833, Andrew was counted on the Michigan State Census.

On October 15, 1835 Andrew purchased 40 acres in Detroit. On May 1, 1837 Andrew Michigan of Oakland County, Michigan purchased 40 acres of land in Detroit, Michigan. On September 4, 1838 he purchased 80 acres in Detroit.

On the 1840 US Census, Andrew was head of a household of 6 in Independence, Oakland County, Michigan: 1 male aged 5-9 (Phineas); 1 male aged 10-14 (unknown, wasn’t counted in 1830); 1 male aged 30-39 (Andrew was 35); 1 female under age 5 (unknown, doesn’t live to 1850); 1 female aged 5-9 (Hannah); 1 female aged 30-39 (Harriet was 29).

On the 1850 US Census, the family was in Orange, Delaware County, Ohio. Andrew was 46 and working as a shoemaker. Harriet was 39. They had 6 children: Hannah, age 15; Phineas, age 13; Andrew, age 9; Julia, age 6; Sarah, age 2; Martha, an infant.

On May 1, 1855 Andrew purchased 42 acres in Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa.

Sometime in here Harriet died, and Andrew married Matilda, last name unknown.

On the 1856 Iowa State Census, the family was in Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa. Andrew was 51 and a physician, Matilda was 50, Phineas was 19, Andrew was 15, Julia was 11, Jane was 9, and Martha was 6.

On the 1860 US Census, the family was in Walnut, Dallas County, Iowa. Andrew was 55 and working as a physician. Matilda was 54. The children, all from Andrew’s first marriage: Julia, age 15; Andrew, age 20; Sarah, age 13; Martha, age 10. Julia, Sarah and Martha were attending school, and Andrew was a farmer.

In 1864, Andrew paid $5.52 on a Hotel in Boone and $2 for a horse car, and later that year paid another $4.17 tax on the hotel (valued at $10.)

On the 1870 US Census, Andrew and Matilda lived in Boone, Dallas County, Iowa. Andrew was 65 and farming. Matilda was 64. That is the last record I have for them.

The children of Andrew Mayfield Watrous & Harriet Vandercook:

Many online family trees list other children, and Census records show they may have  children that aren’t listed here. If you have information that links other children to this couple, please let me know!

Hannah Watrous – Hannah was born 1835 in Michigan. She married Roswell Winn by 1856 (his first wife died in 1851 and Hannah appears on the Iowa State Census as his wife in 1856.) They had a daughter in 1869, and Roswell died in 1870. Hannah married Samuel S. Christian on September 6, 1871 in Muscatine County, Iowa. They had a daughter in 1875. Hannah died in August of 1886. She was 51 years old.

Phineas Watrous – Phinneas was born 1837 in Michigan. He married Sarah Catherine Van Duesen. They farmed in Iowa and had at least 11 children. He died in 1886. He was 49 years old. His Find A Grave memorial is here.

Andrew M. Watrous – My 3x great grandfather Andrew was born October 14, 1841 in Ohio. He married Emma Matilda Robinson in about 1864 in Iowa. They had 5 children. Andrew died April 9, 1918 in Jackson County, Missouri. He was 76 years old. His Find A Grave memorial is here. Read more about him here.

Julia Cecelia Watrous – Julia was born in about 1846 in Ohio. She married Joseph H. Delong in 1865. Joseph fought in the Civil War and they had 2 children. Joseph either died or they divorced, and Julia married James Chamberlain on September 26, 1871 in Dallas County, Iowa. (James’ first wife was Fidelia Watrous, unknown if related to Julia). James and Julia had 1 child. James died in January of 1885 in New Orleans, and Julia married Moses Jackman (a veteran of the Civil War) on July 28, 1885 in Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa. Moses died in 1907. Julia died October 18, 1940 in Linn, Marshall County, Iowa at the Iowa Soldiers Home. She was about 94 years old. Her Find A Grave memorial is here.

Sarah Jennie Watrous – Sarah was born October 28, 1848 in Delaware County, Ohio. She married David Sisley in about 1868 and they had 6 children. David was a stagecoach driver for the Overland Stage Company. They lost 3 children in one day to diptheria in 1878. After David died in 1884, Sarah married John Thompson (born in England, a teamster) in 1886 and they had one child. Sarah died June 17, 1926 in Baker County, Oregon. She was 76 years old. Her Find A Grave memorial is here.

Martha Ellen Watrous – Martha was born about 1850 in Ohio. She married Henry E. Shepard in about 1870. Henry was a farmer, well digger, and prospector of coal and water. They had 10 children. She died prior to 1920 when her husband was listed as widowed and living with their son. Her Find A Grave memorial is here.