Postcard – “we want to go to Cassville to the reunion”

Postmarked: August 22, Year Unknown, Gravette Arkansas
Addressed to: Mr. Alex Gray, Craig MO, Holt County

August the 22
Will write you
a few lines am at Gravette
now one my road home with
Nerva don’t know what day
I will start for home
as we want to go to
Cassville to the re
union don’t care much
about the reunion
want to see the country
if you write direct
to Purdy MO care
of Wm Houston I think
I will be home the first
of the week. Your wife

Rose Althea Browning Gray (1854-1938) is writing home to her husband Alexander Gray (1856-1940) after visiting her cousin Mary Tolby VanHook McNiel (1859-1919) in Gravette Arkansas. Nerva is Minerva Tolby Houston (1870-1942), Mary’s sister and Rose’s cousin. Minerva was married to William Houston (1870-1934).

Postcard – Dear Rose and Family 1917

Postmarked: 29 October 1917, Gravette Ark
Addressed to: Mrs. Alex Gray, Craig MO

October the 29
Dear Rose and Family
Will write you a few lines I
have bin real sick but will
get well now I think Adrin
our son has come home
and we are so tickeled oh
it is so nice to have him
with us once more he brought
me some nice presents from
china and Jipan oh if this
offul ware could only be
stoped say how is Alex I do
hope he is better how are all
of my Relation Nerva and
Will and Gladys and Husb
an have bin down sister Nan
oldest girl is coming this week
to visit us we had quite a
wind and rain storm hear
last night and it is real
cold to day the crops were fine
hear this year how are they
up their now give my love to all
who inquire about me love to you
all from Mary B

Mary Tolby VanHook McNiel (1859-1919) is writing to her cousin Rose Althea Browning Gray. She refers to her son Adrin McNiel (1894-1942). He was had been a Yeoman in the Navy for 4 years and 1 month when he signed his World War I Draft Registration Card on 2 January 1918. The Alex she refers to is Alexander Gray (1856-1940), her cousin’s husband. Nerva is her sister Minerva Tolby Houston (1870-1942) and Will is Minerva’s husband William Houston (1870-1934.) Gladys is Will and Minerva’s daughter. Nan is Mary and Minerva’s sister Nancy Tolby Harryman (1866-?) and her oldest daughter is Mattie.

Postcard – “I dremp of you twice last night . . . “

Postmarked: 14 March, year unknown, from Gravette Ark.
Addressed to: Mrs. Rose Gray, Craig, Holt Co. Mo

March the 14 My Birthday
Dear Rose I dremp
of you twice last
night oh I thought we
wer having such a good
time I could hear you
laugh so plain I wish
you was hear to day say
the wind is blowing a gale
this is one of the ceans Ben
saw while he was gone how
is all of the conection
write soon give our love
to all who inquire about
us from MB McNiel

Mary Tolby VanHook McNiel (1859-1919) is writing to her cousin Rose Althea Browning Gray (1854-1938). Mary is the daughter of Almeda Browning Tolby (1833-1888). Rose is the daughter of Elias William Browning (1829-1910). Almeda and Elias are siblings.

She refers to Ben, her second husband Benjamin R McNiel (1859-?)

Postcard – The Golden Rule I Learn’d at School – @1911

Postmarked: 22 November (1911?) Gravette, AR
To: Mrs. Rose Gray, Craig MO.

dear Rose, I have
bin looking for a
letter or some of you
to come down how
are you all we are
well having the
finest weather I
ever saw write
me a long letter
with love to
you all

Rose visited Mary and wrote home to her husband here. I have figured out that Mary is Rose’s cousin. Rose is the daughter of Elias William Browning (1829-1910) and Anna Elizabeth Galloway (1834-1893). Mary B. Tolby is the daughter of Elias’ sister Almeda Browning Tolby (1833-1888) and Andrew Jackson Tolby (1833-1890.) Mary was married to Benjamin F. McNiel (1859-unknown.)

Postcard – Dear Husband, August 1912

Postmarked: 15 August 1912 Gravette AR
To: Mr. Alex Gray, Craig Mo Holt County

August 15, 1912
Dear Husband,
This is the first
chance I have
to even write with you
since you was
at Sedalia am
well but this is
a lonesome old place
was over in Ok
lahoma yesterday
like the looks of
the country it is
fine with love to
Rose Gray

Rose Althea Browning Gray was writing from Gravette, Arkansas (Benton County in Northwest Arkansas, about 10 miles from the Oklahoma border) to her husband Alex Gray at home in Craig, Missouri. She is about to turn 58 years old. She was likely visiting her cousin Mary Tolby McNiel.