Calling Card – Mrs. Gertrude Hickman, Skidmore Missouri 1916

HICKMAN Gertrude

Postmarked: 23 December 1916, Skidmore MO
Addressed to: Mr & Mrs Alex Gray, Craig Missouri

Gertrude Galloway Hickman (1871-1965) was married to Elias Hickman (1864-1911). She later married Charles Lester Williams. She was born in 1871 and died in 1965.

I haven’t found how Elias Hickman fits into the family tree, but suspect he fits somewhere in our Hickman line. In Gone Home published by the Holt County Historical Society, page 173 notes:
Elias – July 16, 1864 – 1911 son of Richard P. & Rebecca Hickman
and later notes:
Silas Hickman d. Aug. 26, 1911 aged 47y at Skidmore, Mo

A Missouri death certificate shows Elias Elvis Hickman, married to Gertrude Hickman, with birth and death dates matching information in Gone Home, died of tuberculosis.

In Gone Home Vol. II published by the Holt County Historical Society, page 79 notes:
“The little baby girl born to Elias Hickman Nov. 17, 1896 died.” (Craig Leader, Nov. 20, 1896)

My father-in-law Lanny Gray would very much like to break through the Hickman brick wall, and I hope to work on it more soon. Here’s what I have (mostly unsourced) of our Hickman line, which starts with Lanny’s mother:

Edna Louise Hickman Gray (1913 Holt MO-2000 Nodaway MO)
daughter of
George Fletcher Hickman (1888-1929 both in Holt MO) married 1910 Holt MO to Minnie Alice Showalter (1891-1965)
son of
Abner Clift Hickman (1856 Mason KY – 1933 Douglas CO), married Mollie G. Morgan (1865-1918)
son of
George F Hickman (born about 1820 in KY – death unknown), married 1851 Mason KY to Lamira Clift (1825-1878)

In Gone Home page 173 notes:
Almira CLIFT – b. Mason Co., KY. Jan. 16, 1825 – d. Nov. 26, 1878 at her home 3 miles southest of Craig, Mo. She was the wife of G. F. Hickman. (Craig Enterprise – Dec. 5, 1878 – BSNA)

I’d love to hear from anyone with information on George F. Hickman. I have copies of both Gone Home and Gone Home Vol. II so if you’d like me to look something up for you, please contact me.