Welcome to Filling in the Family Tree

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I decided to start a blog because it would allow me to easily share info about our family trees with relatives. Maybe I’ll even connect with some distant cousins who have information to share with me.

I became interested in genealogy in 2011. When my Mom died, I found photos that were my Grandfather’s, marked with names and dates in his handwriting. I had to learn more. I have a collection of other genealogy records from my Mom’s house, like newspaper clippings of obituaries and death and birth and marriage records. I was able to spend some time with my paternal Grandmother shortly before her death, and learned about that branch of the tree. Finally, my husband’s parents have shared a wealth of family tree records with me so that I can work on those branches too.

I started on Ancestry.com and clicked leaf after leaf and added info to my tree from other people’s trees. Soon I had a huge tree . . . and a huge mess. Now I know not to add info from other trees. I have a lot of cleaning up to do.

I’m interested in the Genealogy Do-Over developed by Thomas MacEntee, and I’m learning more about genealogy in general with the Genealogy Gems podcasts. I took a class, RootsMOOC: Intro to Genealogy and Family Research, offered on Canvas Network. I hope to put what I learned to work soon and do in-person research at the State Library of North Carolina.

The some of the last names in my trees are Hopper, Cowan, Hinson, Hedrick, Gray, Reece, Hickman and Perkins. I’m going to spend some time learning more about blogging with WordPress, and then we’ll start filling in the family tree together.

Suzanne Hopper Gray