Postcard – “Greetings & Best Wishes”

Postmarked: 23 December [year unknown], Falls City, Nebraska
Addressed to: Mr and Mrs Alex Gray & family, Craig, MO

Greetings &
Best Wishes
Mr & Mrs J. M. DeWald
Faye and Junior

James Monroe DeWald (1852-1929) and his wife Louisa Jane Browning DeWald (1856-1935) are writing to Alexander Gray (1856-1940) and his wife Rose Althea Browning Gray (1854-1938). Rose and Louisa are sisters.

Postcard – “We are going to Falls City today” 1909

Postmarked: 2 May 1909 Reserve KS
Addressed to: Mr. Alex Gray, Craig, MO

Front reads:
We are going to Falls City today.
Fred DeWald got hurt on piece of glass
nearly froze to death. Lula and Leah keep me on wood pile.

You had better get
that money ready as
I think we can make
the deal this time.
All well & hope this
will find you the same.

Samuel B. Stewart (1875-1937) is writing to Alexander Gray (1856-1940) who is married to Rose Althea Browning Gray (1854-1938). Sam is married to Leah DeWald Stewart (1881-1968). Leah’s parents are James Monroe DeWald (1852-1929) and Louisa Jane Browning DeWald (1856-1935). Louisa and Rose are sisters.

Frederick DeWald (1883-1944) is Leah’s brother who, along with his parents, live in Falls City, Nebraska.

Lula is Lula Gray (1881-1973), daughter of Alexander and Rose. Lula and Leah are cousins, and Lula must have been visiting the Stewarts at the time this was written.

I suspect Lula met her future husband while visiting her cousin Leah. Sam and Leah lived next to Allen E. Bowersox (1872-1966) and his first wife Cora VanKirk Bowersox (1872-1929) in Reserve, Kansas when this postcard was written. Allen later was divorced from Cora, and married Minnie Rowe Bowersox (1872-1930). He then married Lula Gray sometime between 1930 and 1935.