Ephemera – 1889 Bank Deposit – Heaton Bank – Craig, Missouri

GRAY Alexander 1889 bank deposit

A bit of ephemera today. Here’s a bank deposit slip showing Alexander Gray deposited $336.75 into Heaton Bank, Craig, Missouri, on June 7, 1889. In today’s funds that is about $8,860.

William Henry Heaton (1840-1920) ran the bank and the deposit slip is signed by his son Edward Heaton.

Alexander Gray (1856-1940) – His Obituary

Here is a transcription of the obituary for Alexander Gray, date and newspaper unknown. (His mother’s name was Judah Arena, not Irene.)


Our community was saddened to hear of the passing of Alex Gray at his home in Craig, Tuesday, December 31, 1940 at 4pm.
He had a long lingering illness but bore his suffering with patience and fortitude. All that loving hands and hearts and medical skill could do was of no avail.

Alexander Gray was born June 24, 1856, near Gower in Buchanan County, Mo. and attained the age of 84 years, 6 months, and 7 days.

His parents, Franklin and Irene Gray, were pioneers in Buchanan County. Mr. Gray was the fourth child in a family of four boys and one girl. When he was eight years old his parents died, and he and his brother, Simian, were taken into the home of a maternal uncle, Dr. Simian Parrish, then a pioneer physician of Holt County living at his farm home three miles north of Craig.

These little boys were loved and nurtured by their foster parents and given all the advantages they could give their own children.
Mr. Gray grew to manhood in this home, and engaged in farming.

He was married to Rose A. Browning July 18, 1877. His companion passed away Nov. 30, 1938. They established their home on a farm five miles north of Craig and continued to reside in this community until 1912, when they retired from the farm and moved to Craig.

To this union were born four children. Edgar of Craig, Mrs. Allen Bowersox of Reserve, Kans., Miss Erma of the home, and a daughter, Orpha, who died in infancy.

Other survivors are nine grandchildren, fifteen great grandchildren, and one great great grandchild, and a number of nieces and nephews.

Mr. Gray and his wife were charter members of Sharp’s Grove Baptist Church. He was ever loyal and true to his faith and to his church, having held office in the capacity of deacon for more than 35 years. By thrift and industry he had accumulated considerable property in houses and lands. He was also a stockholder in the Bank of Craig.

He was a man of high moral character, sterling qualities and steadfast principles. Ever mindful of the right.
He was devoted to his home and his family, loved and respected by his friends and neighbors. With his passing the family loses a devoted father and grandfather and the community an upright citizen.

Funeral services were conducted in the M. E. Church Friday afternoon at 2:00 o’clock by a former pastor of the Sharp’s Grove Church, Rev. G. A. Puckett of Kingston, Mo., who read an impressive and beautiful discourse of which the theme was “The Christian’s Life, the Faith, and the Final Reward – Eternal Life.” The speaker paid a beautiful tribute to the exemplary daily life of the deceased as he trod the milestones along life’s highway with his fellowmen.

A choir composed of Rev. and Mrs. Earl A. Ogle, Mrs. Fred Walkup and Mr. Horn sang the hymns, “Whispering Hope,” “Sunrise Tomorrow,” and “Shall We Gather at the River,” with Miss Lena Lawrence at the piano. The floral offerings, gifts of friends and relatives, were profuse and beautiful.

The body-bearers were grandsons of the deceased: Dean, Carl, Don, Ralph and Harold Gray and W. H. Cooper.

The great granddaughters bore the flowers: Wilma and Dorothy Griffin, Beatrice Cooper and Clarissa Gray.

The remains were laid tenderly to rest in the I.O.O.F. Cemetery , there to await the Master’s call.

The pains of death have ceased,
Labor and sorrow cease.
And life’s long warfare closed at last.
His soul is found in peace.
Soldier of Christ well done.
Praise be the new employ,
And while eternal ages run,
Rest in the Savior’s joy.

Relatives and friends from a distance were:
Mr. Lon Gray and wife, Mr. Norman Gray and wife, Mr. Ben Moore and wife, Mr. Wyman Gray and wife, Mr. Roy Gray, Bryan Weakley and wife all of Gower.

Charles Williams and wife, Carl Gray and wife, Dean Gray and family, W. H. Cooper and family, Miss Minnie Gray, Mrs. Earl Wing, Jewell Gibson and wife, all of St. Joseph.

Fred Krull and wife, Easton, and O. C. Gray of Omaha, Nebr.

A. E. Bowersox and wife, Misses Anna and Martha Stewart and Mrs. S. B. Stewart of Reserve, Kans.; Mrs. Dan Chaney of Falls City, Neb., George Jones and wife of Horton, Kans., H. H. Browning, S. F. Williams and wife, and Glenn Davis and wife all of Fairfax.

J. L. Browning and wife, M. Browning, Ed Browning, and Mrs. Asa Hollenbeck all of Mound City.

We wish to thank our many friends, relatives and neighbors for the sympathy and helpfulness shown in the death of our father, also for the flowers; to the choir for the rendition of the beautiful music and for the use of cars.
F. E. Gray and family, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Bowersox, and Miss Erma Gray

Postcard – “I wish to thank you for all past favors” 1910

Postmarked: 2 February 1910, San Antonio TX
Addressed to: Alex Gray Craig MO

Feb’y 2 1910
I received my deed
from Heaton Bank, so
all is OK & I wish to
thank you for all past
favors. We are having a
good time but it is
very hot & dry here.
Best wishes to all. I
am yours truly [RA Simon?]

Heaton Bank was in Craig, Missouri. Is it signed R. A. Simon? That is my best guess.

Postcard – “Greetings & Best Wishes”

Postmarked: 23 December [year unknown], Falls City, Nebraska
Addressed to: Mr and Mrs Alex Gray & family, Craig, MO

Greetings &
Best Wishes
Mr & Mrs J. M. DeWald
Faye and Junior

James Monroe DeWald (1852-1929) and his wife Louisa Jane Browning DeWald (1856-1935) are writing to Alexander Gray (1856-1940) and his wife Rose Althea Browning Gray (1854-1938). Rose and Louisa are sisters.

Postcard – “Merry Xmas from Sam & Leah”

Postmarked: 23 December [year unknown], Reserve Kansas
Addressed to: Mr & Mrs Alex Gray, Craig Mo

Merry Xmas
Sam & Leah

Samuel B. Stewart (1875-1937) and his wife Leah DeWald Stewart (1881-1968) are writing to Alexander Gray (1856-1940) and his wife Rose Althea Browning Gray (1854-1938).

Leah’s parents are James Monroe DeWald (1852-1929) and Louisa Jane Browning DeWald (1856-1935). Rose and Louisa are sisters, so Leah is Rose’s niece.

Postcard – “Merry Xmas” 1914

Postmarked: 23 December 1914, Reserve Kansas
Addressed to: Mr & Mrs. Alex Gray, Craig Mo

Merry Xmas &
Happy New Year
Sam & Leah

Samuel B. Stewart (1875-1937) and his wife Leah DeWald Stewart (1881-1968) are writing to Alexander Gray (1856-1940) and his wife Rose Althea Browning Gray (1854-1938).

Leah’s parents are James Monroe DeWald (1852-1929) and Louisa Jane Browning DeWald (1856-1935). Rose and Louisa are sisters, so Leah is Rose’s niece.

Postcard – “Wishing you all a Merry Xmas” 1916

Postmarked: 22 December 1916, Reserve Kansas
Addressed to: Mr Alex Gray, Craig Mo

Wishing you all
a Merry Xmas
Sam & Leah

Samuel B. Stewart (1875-1937) and his wife Leah DeWald Stewart (1881-1968) are writing to Alexander Gray (1856-1940), his wife Rose Althea Browning Gray (1854-1938), and their daughters Bernice Erma Gray (1888-1981) and Lula Gray (1881-1973).

Leah’s parents are James Monroe DeWald (1852-1929) and Louisa Jane Browning DeWald (1856-1935). Rose and Louisa are sisters, so Leah is Rose’s niece.

Postcard – “We are going to Falls City today” 1909

Postmarked: 2 May 1909 Reserve KS
Addressed to: Mr. Alex Gray, Craig, MO

Front reads:
We are going to Falls City today.
Fred DeWald got hurt on piece of glass
nearly froze to death. Lula and Leah keep me on wood pile.

You had better get
that money ready as
I think we can make
the deal this time.
All well & hope this
will find you the same.

Samuel B. Stewart (1875-1937) is writing to Alexander Gray (1856-1940) who is married to Rose Althea Browning Gray (1854-1938). Sam is married to Leah DeWald Stewart (1881-1968). Leah’s parents are James Monroe DeWald (1852-1929) and Louisa Jane Browning DeWald (1856-1935). Louisa and Rose are sisters.

Frederick DeWald (1883-1944) is Leah’s brother who, along with his parents, live in Falls City, Nebraska.

Lula is Lula Gray (1881-1973), daughter of Alexander and Rose. Lula and Leah are cousins, and Lula must have been visiting the Stewarts at the time this was written.

I suspect Lula met her future husband while visiting her cousin Leah. Sam and Leah lived next to Allen E. Bowersox (1872-1966) and his first wife Cora VanKirk Bowersox (1872-1929) in Reserve, Kansas when this postcard was written. Allen later was divorced from Cora, and married Minnie Rowe Bowersox (1872-1930). He then married Lula Gray sometime between 1930 and 1935.

Postcard – “Hope this will find you all improving”

Postmarked: 22 April 1918 Danbury Iowa
Addressed to: Mrs. Alex Gray, Craig MO

Dear Mrs Gray,
Hope this will
find you all
improving. All
well here. Will try
and write you soon.
Mrs. Watkins

I don’t know who Mrs. Watkins is, but the card was written to Rose Althea Browning Gray (1854-1938.)

Postcard – “we are enjoying fine winter” 1914

Postmarked: Dec 22 1914 Beatrice Nebraska
Addressed to: Mrs. Gray, Craig MO

My dear Mrs. Gray:
We are enjoying fine
winter with the best
of health. Wishing you
a Merry Xmas and a
glad and prosperous
New Year. I am your
friend Mrs. Strough

Sarah Ann Bowers Strough (1849-1937) is writing to Rose Althea Browning Gray (1854-1938.)