Postcard – “we want to go to Cassville to the reunion”

Postmarked: August 22, Year Unknown, Gravette Arkansas
Addressed to: Mr. Alex Gray, Craig MO, Holt County

August the 22
Will write you
a few lines am at Gravette
now one my road home with
Nerva don’t know what day
I will start for home
as we want to go to
Cassville to the re
union don’t care much
about the reunion
want to see the country
if you write direct
to Purdy MO care
of Wm Houston I think
I will be home the first
of the week. Your wife

Rose Althea Browning Gray (1854-1938) is writing home to her husband Alexander Gray (1856-1940) after visiting her cousin Mary Tolby VanHook McNiel (1859-1919) in Gravette Arkansas. Nerva is Minerva Tolby Houston (1870-1942), Mary’s sister and Rose’s cousin. Minerva was married to William Houston (1870-1934).