Daniel Vaughn (1787-1864) & Margaret Hammons (1797-1870)

Daniel Vaughn & Margaret Hammons are my 4X great grandparents, the parents of my 3x great grandmother Rhoda Vaughn.

Daniel Vaughn was born January 19, 1787 in Russell County, Virginia. He was a son of William Patrick Vaughn and Fereby Benton. According to the book History of Northwest Arkansas by Goodspeed, William and Fereby moved their family from Virginia to Warren County, Tennessee, then to Wayne County, Missouri, and then to Crawford County, Arkansas.  Sons Samuel and Daniel then settled in numerous locations in Washington County, Arkansas.

Margaret Hammons was born in 1797 in Tennessee. She was the daughter of Thomas Hammons (who served in the Revolutionary War), mother unknown.

Daniel & Margaret married in about 1811, since their first child was born in 1812. Margaret would have been about 14, and Daniel about 24. (Margaret’s sister Catherine married Daniel’s brother Samuel.)

They had 2 children in Tennessee, Rhoda in 1812 and Aletha in 1814. They had 2 children in Missouri, Isaac in 1818 and Zimri in 1821. In Arkansas they had 4 children, Catherine in 1823, Nancy in 1826, Anna in 1829 and Susan in 1832.

Daniel is listed on the 1828 Arkansas Tax List in Washington County.

On the 1830 US Census, Daniel was head of a household of 11 in Washington, Arkansas Territory: 1 male aged 5-9 (Zimri was 9); 1 male aged 10-14 (Isaac was 12); 1 male aged 20-29 (unknown); 1 male aged 40-49 (Daniel was 43); 2 females under age 5 (Nancy was 4 and Anna was 1); 1 female aged 5-9 (Catherine was 7); 1 female aged 10-14 (unknown); 2 female aged 15-19 (Rhoda was 18, other is unknown) ; 1 female aged 20-29 (Margaret was 33); 1 male slave aged 10-23.

On the 1840 US Census, Daniel was head of a household of 8 in Prairie, Madison County, Arkansas: 2 males aged 15-19 (Zimri was 19, other is unknown); 1 male aged 50-59 (Daniel was 53); 1 female aged 5-9 (Susan was 8); 2 females aged 10-14 (Nancy was 14 and Anna was 11); 1 female aged 15-19 (Catherine was 17); 1 female aged 40-49 (Margaret was 43).

On January 5, 1846, Daniel was appointed Postmaster in War Eagle, Madison County, Arkansas. He served the position until February 27, 1847.

On the 1850 US Census, Daniel was 63 and Margaret was 53, and they were farming in Prairie, Madison County, Arkansas.

On the 1860 US Census, Daniel was 73 and Margaret was 63, and they were again farming in Prairie, Madison County, Arkansas.

Daniel died 1864, killed by bushwhackers in the Civil War. He was about 77 years old. His Find A Grave memorial is here. A stone in Vaughan-Whitener Cemetery in Hindsville, Madison County, Arkansas:

Samuel and Daniel Vaughn, descendants of William Patrick Vaughn, immigrant of Tretower Castle, Wales, settled Vaughn Valley in 1831. Legend has it Samuel requested to be buried where he killed his last buck, thus the founding of Vaughn Cemetery. Samuel Vaughn buried April 1852. The cemetery remained Vaughn family property thru eight generations of Daniel (gravesite unknown) to that of Buck Vaughn buried April 1990 – who killed his first and only buck here. The alpha and the omega.

In 1869, Margaret Vaughn was taxed $1 on a gold watch valued at $100 according to a US IRS Tax List.

Margaret died in October of 1870 in Madison County, Arkansas. She was 72.

The children of Daniel Vaughn & Margaret Hammons:

Rhoda Vaughn – My 3x great grandmother Rhoda was born 1812 in Tennessee. She married Daniel Henson in about 1832, probably in Arkansas. They had 7 children. Rhoda died sometime after 1880. Read more about her here.

Aletha Vaughn – Aletha was born in 1815 in Tennessee, and died in 1816.

Isaac K. Vaughn – Isaac was born in 1818 in Howard County, Missouri. He married Virginia Clark on May 8, 1836 and they had 11 children. Isaac fought in the Civil War. He died in 1897 in Madison County, Arkansas.  He was about 79 years old. His Find A Grave memorial is here.

Zimri Vaughn – Zimri was born in about 1821 in Missouri. He married Mary Emily and is found with her on the 1850 US Census when he was a minister. According to Goodspeed’s History of Washington County Arkansas, he was a minister of Friendship Baptist Church, located 3 miles Southeast of Springdale. Zimri purchased 40 acres of land in Fayetteville on three occasions, in 1854, 1859, and 1860. He was involved in the settling of his father’s estate in 1868 but I don’t have record of him after that.

Catherine Vaughn – Catherine was born in 1823 in Arkansas. She married Barnett Beach in about 1839, and they had 7 children. She died prior to 1880.

Nancy Vaughn – Nancy was born August 7, 1826 in Washington County, Arkansas. She married Samuel Lane and they had 10 children. She died May 31, 1904 in Hindsville, Madison County, Arkansas. She was 77 years old. Her Find A Grave memorial is here.

Anna Vaughn – Anna was born October 11, 1829. She married Robert Davis Troutt in about 1843 and they had 7 children. Robert died in the Civil War. It is unknown when Anna died but her Find A Grave memorial is here.

Susan Vaughn – Susan was born in 1832. She married William Calvin Evans and they had 6 children. She died in 1923 in Hindsville, Madison County, Arkansas. She was about 91 years old. Her Find A Grave memorial is here.