Bonerges Franklin Ruby (1822-1898) and Mary Polly Blakesley (1823-approx. 1855)

Updated December 2020.

Bonerges Franklin Ruby and Mary “Polly” Blakesley are Todd’s 3X Great Grandparents.

First, let’s talk about that name. Bonerges is probably a misspelling of the name Boanerges, which appears once in the Bible, when Jesus gives it as a nickname to James and John, sons of Zebedee. It is Greek and pronounced “v AW n ee r y eh s” which you can listen to here.

Bonerges Franklin Ruby was born on April 8, 1822 in Breckenridge County, Kentucky. He is the son of James Rogers Ruby and Susannah Jane Baysinger. See their Find A Grave memorials here and here. Read about them here.

Mary “Polly” Blakesley was born around 1823. She appears only on the 1850 US Census, with her birth location “unknown.” Her parents are also unknown.

Bonerges married Lavina Rogers on April 5, 1843 in Edgar County, Illinois. They had a daughter in 1843, and Lovina died in January of 1847.

He married Mary “Polly” Blakesley on August 29, 1847 in Edgar County, Illinois.

On the 1850 US Census, Bonerges was 28 and Polly was 27. They were farming in Edgar County, Illinois and it was indicated that Polly couldn’t read or write. Children in the home were: Sarah, age 6; and James, age 2 months.

Between 1850 and 1860, they had a 3rd child, Bartholomew, in 1855; Polly died; and the family moved to Iowa.

On the 1860 US Census, Bonerges was 38 and widowed for a 2nd time. The family lived in Washington, Ringgold County, Iowa. Children in the home were: Sarah, age 16; James, age 11; Amos, age 8; Bartholomew, age 5.

On the 1860 Selected Federal Census Non-population Schedule taken July 17, 1860 in Washington, Ringgold County, Iowa, Bonerges listed: 30 improved acres; 50 unimproved acres; $400 cash value of farm; $10 value of implements and machinery; 2 milk cows; 4 working oxen; 6 other cattle; 14 swine; $90 value of livestock; 150 bushels of Indian corn; 6 tons of hay; 20 pounds of honey; $16 value of animals slaughtered.

Bonerges married his third wife, Elizabeth Blakesley, in 1860. Her relationship to Mary Polly Blakesley isn’t clear, but Elizabeth is the granddaughter of Todd’s 5x great grandparents on another branch.

Bonerges enlisted to serve in the Civil War in July of 1863, when he was 42. He served in Company D of the Iowa 8th Cavalry Regiment. He mustered out in Macon, Georgia in August of 1865.

On the 1870 US Census, Bonerges was 48 and Elizabeth was 29 and had given birth to 4 of Bonerges’ children. The family lived in Jefferson, Ringgold County, Iowa. Children at home were: Amos, age 18; Bartholomew, age 16; Chauncey, age 9; Ida, age 6; William, age 4; and Albert, age 1 month. They valued their farm at $1000 and their personal property at $800. It’s noted that Elizabeth can’t read or write.

On the 1880 US Census, the family was again in Jefferson, Ringgold County, Iowa. Bonerges was 58 and Elizabeth was 38. Children at home were all from Elizabeth: Chauncey, age 18; William, age 14; Albert, age 12; Norman, age 8; Charles, age 7; Otis, age 3. It is indicated that Elizabeth is “maimed, crippled or bedridden.” It’s also noted that Bonerges can’t write and the Elizabeth can’t read or write. Elizabeth died soon after.

Bonerges married a 4th time, to Louvina Ellen Jackson on January 30, 1882 in Ringgold County, Iowa. They had 3 children.

They are found on the 1885 Iowa Census living in Jefferson, Ringgold County. Bonerges was 63 and Louvina was 37. Children in the home were: Charlie E., age 12; Albert S., age 15; Branford, age 9; Wary B., age 2; Oscar L., age 0.

Bonerges died on April 13, 1898 in Knowlton, Ringgold County, Iowa. His Find A Grave memorial is here.

The children of Bonerges Franklin Ruby and Lavina Rogers:

Sarah Ellen Ruby – Sarah was born  May 27, 1842 in Illinois. She married Benjamin Miller. They had 8 children. She died on June 1, 1898 in Iowa. Her Find A Grave memorial is here.

The children of Bonerges Franklin Ruby and Mary Polly Blakesley:

James Addison Ruby – James is Todd’s 2x Great Grandfather. Read about him here.

Amos Fisk Ruby – Amos was born May 31, 1852. He married Serena A. Conley in about 1874. They had 9 children. He died March 28, 1922. His Find A Grave memorial is here.

Bartholomew Ruby – Bartholomew was born in 1854. He married Viola Evelyn Work. He worked as a farmer and carpenter and they had 6 children. He died on August 3, 1937. His Find A Grave memorial is here.

The children of Bonerges Franklin Ruby and Elizabeth Blakesley:

Chauncey Buel Ruby – Chauncey was born in 1861 in Iowa. He married Mary Rolling (who was born in England) in about 1887 and they had 6 children. After Mary died, he married Eldora Lee Meredith Lowry in about 1911. They had 2 children. Chauncey died September 23, 1936 in Sheldon, O’Brien, Iowa, USA. His Find A Grave memorial is here.

Ida May Ruby – Ida was born in 1863 in Iowa. She married Mikel Baysinger on July 21, 1877 in Marguette, Wisconsin, and they had 7 children. He’d been widowed and had at least 3 children with his first wife. They lived in Iowa, and Oklahoma. On the 1900 US Census they were living alone and Ida said she’d had 6 children, none of whom were living. But she had 6 living children and would have her last with Mikel, a son named Mikel in 1901, after her husband’s death in 1900. She married a 2nd time, groom unknown. Then she married Lyman Goodrich, a carpenter, on June 27, 1903 in Muskogee, Oklahoma. In 1910 she was living in New Mexico with Lyman, 3 of his children from a previous marriage, and a son she’d had with Lyman. Living next door was two of her children from her first marriage. By 1920 Ida and Lyman were living in Colorado with no children. She died in 1939. Her Find A Grave memorial is here.

William Reed Ruby – William was born in July of 1866 in Iowa. He married Emma C. Fiers in about 1888. They had 5 children, 1 of which died as an infant. The family farmed in Kansas. William died on October 15, 1907 and he is buried in Iowa. His widow stayed in Kansas, didn’t remarry, and died in 1947. She’s buried with him in Iowa. His Find A Grave memorial is here.

Albert S. Ruby – Albert was born in May of 1870. He married Cora White in about 1900. They farmed in Kansas and had 3 children. He died in 1927. His Find A Grave memorial is here.

Norman Ruby – Norman was born about 1872. The only record of him I have is on the 1880 US Census.

Charles Edward Ruby – Charles was born on March 7, 1873 in Mt. Ayr, Ringgold, Iowa. He married Eda May Malone on September 4, 1905. They farmed in Kansas and had 2 children. Charles died October 19, 1948 in Monticello, Johnson County, Kansas. His Find A Grave memorial is here.

Otis Branford Ruby – Otis was born on December 9, 1876 in Iowa. He served in the Philippine Insurrection after the Spanish-American War. He married Carrie H. Fitzgerald in 1906 and they had 7 children. He was a laborer on the railroad. He died July 3, 1942. His Find A Grave memorial is here.

The children of Bonerges Franklin Ruby and Louvina Ellen Jackson:

Mary Isabel Ruby – Mary was born on January 29, 1882. On the 1900-1940 US Census, Mary was living in the Iowa Institute for Feeble Minded Children. She died on October 9, 1944. Her Find A Grave memorial is here.

Oscar Lewis Ruby – Oscar was born October 14, 1884 in Ringgold County, Iowa. He married Magdalena Mason and appears with her on the 1910 US Census in Kansas. They divorced. He married Mary Elizabeth Schoonover on December 10, 1914 in Hamilton, Ohio. They had a daughter together, and appear together on the 1920, 1930, and 1940 US Census in Ohio. Oscar worked as an upholsterer. Mary Elizabeth died in 1941, and Oscar married Imogene Luddington Kuhlman. Oscar died October 25, 1971 in Butler County, Ohio. His Find A Grave memorial is here.

Rosetta Ruby – Rosetta was born in November of 1890 in Ringgold County, Iowa. She married Levi Sherman Jackson on October 14, 1908 in Ringgold County, Iowa. They had 4 children and divorced. She married Charles Clinton Cummins on May 31, 1923 in Jackson County, Missouri. They had 4 children. Charles died in 1957. Rosetta married Clinton John Scantlin, and he died in 1960. She died March 25, 1986 in Allen County, Kansas. Her Find A Grave memorial is here.