Postcard – “I am pleased with the country” 1915 Colorado


Postmarked: Jan 28 1915 Akron Colo CO
Addressed to: Mrs. Alex Gray (Rose Althea Browning Gray), Craig Mo.

Jan 27 1915 Akron Colo Box 32
Dear Friend
I will drop you a card to let
you know that I am well and
well pleased with the country
and having a nice time the
weather is fine we had inch
snow last week the ground
was bare when I got here
only in places where it drifted
some of that is here yet but
is shure warmer here than
there I think this a fine
country it seem to be healthy
every body well From
Mrs. [?Walter?]

Rose’s birthday was in August and Alexander’s birthday was in June, so the author wasn’t wishing either of them a Happy Birthday.