Postcard – Greetings for your Birthday

This is the last item I have from the Gray family postcard collection, which I believe came from the estate of Bernice Erma Gray.

This wasn’t mailed, so has no postmark. It was addressed to Mr. Alex Gray, Craig, MO.

Compliments of Mrs. J. B. Reynolds

Joseph B. Reynolds was married to Nancy J. Parrish Reynolds, daughter of Simeon Parrish, who raised Alex after his parents died. She was two years older than Alex. Her Find A Grave memorial is here.

Postcard – Cathedral Rocks & Poudre Lakes at Milner Pass

Postmarked: 5 July 1932 from Sterling CO
Addressed to: Lula & Erma Gray, Craig MO

Had a fine
trip thru all
feeling fine
go to Morgan to-
morrow. Cool

Printed on front of card:
Cathedral Rocks and Poudre Lakes at Milner Pass
Alt. 10,759 feet, Grand Lake – Estes Park Road, Colorado

Printed on back of card:
Milner Pass is a strange example of the Continental Divide lying far below Fall River Pass, the highest point on the Circle Tour. The Pass is extremely picturesque; the road runs through beautiful timber; passing the beautiful granite shafts called the Cathedral Rocks; reversing itself sharply skirting the Poudre Lakes which feed their waters to the Atlantic and running directly below its course above, crosses the pass and drops into a corridor like valley whose streamlet flows to the Pacific Ocean.

Postcard – I get my vacation next week

Postmark 8 October 1910 Denver CO
Addressed to: Mr. Alex Gray, Craig, MO

Oct – 8 – 10
We rec’d ? card
and we are all well
I get my vacation next
week don’t know yet
if we will go anywhere
weather is fine out
here was just like summer
will let you know
when we get the apples
Yours as ever,
W M Adamson

This may be from William M. Adamson, husband of Irena E. Parrish Adamson. Their Find A Grave memorials are here and here.


Notecard – Thanking You For Your Kind Sympathy

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an item from the postcard and letter collection from the Gray family collection.

GRAY Alex and family from LAWRENCE Mary

Postmarked: January 4, 1929
Addressed: Mr & Mrs Alex Gray, Lula & Erma

Thanking you for your kind sympathy expressed in the beautiful flowers received.
Mrs. Mary Lawrence and children

Mary Lawrence was Mary Malinda Morr Lawrence. This would have been sent after the death of her husband Christian Lawrence on December 19, 1928 in Craig, Missouri.



Ephemera – 1889 Bank Deposit – Heaton Bank – Craig, Missouri

GRAY Alexander 1889 bank deposit

A bit of ephemera today. Here’s a bank deposit slip showing Alexander Gray deposited $336.75 into Heaton Bank, Craig, Missouri, on June 7, 1889. In today’s funds that is about $8,860.

William Henry Heaton (1840-1920) ran the bank and the deposit slip is signed by his son Edward Heaton.

Postcard – “I wish to thank you for all past favors” 1910

Postmarked: 2 February 1910, San Antonio TX
Addressed to: Alex Gray Craig MO

Feb’y 2 1910
I received my deed
from Heaton Bank, so
all is OK & I wish to
thank you for all past
favors. We are having a
good time but it is
very hot & dry here.
Best wishes to all. I
am yours truly [RA Simon?]

Heaton Bank was in Craig, Missouri. Is it signed R. A. Simon? That is my best guess.