Postcard – Cathedral Rocks & Poudre Lakes at Milner Pass

Postmarked: 5 July 1932 from Sterling CO
Addressed to: Lula & Erma Gray, Craig MO

Had a fine
trip thru all
feeling fine
go to Morgan to-
morrow. Cool

Printed on front of card:
Cathedral Rocks and Poudre Lakes at Milner Pass
Alt. 10,759 feet, Grand Lake – Estes Park Road, Colorado

Printed on back of card:
Milner Pass is a strange example of the Continental Divide lying far below Fall River Pass, the highest point on the Circle Tour. The Pass is extremely picturesque; the road runs through beautiful timber; passing the beautiful granite shafts called the Cathedral Rocks; reversing itself sharply skirting the Poudre Lakes which feed their waters to the Atlantic and running directly below its course above, crosses the pass and drops into a corridor like valley whose streamlet flows to the Pacific Ocean.

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