February 2nd – The Day my Grandparents Die

One of my grandfathers died before I was born.

The three grandparents I knew all died on February 2nd. Bizarre, right?

    HEDRICK Euvella HOPPER William Paul HOPPER Cami

I grew up living with my maternal grandparents. My Grandpa Wallace Paul Cowan died on February 2, 1988. He’s pictured with me and my Mom, around 1975. My Grandma Ellen Cecelia Barber Cowan died February 2, 1990. She’s pictured holding me around 1970.

My paternal Grandmother Euvella Hedrick Hopper Newman died February 2, 2013. She’s pictured with my brother and niece in 2012.

All such beautiful people and I miss them.

2 thoughts on “February 2nd – The Day my Grandparents Die

  1. Hello, I saw your post, and would like to ask you, are you related to “Henry Arthur Cowan”, whom was married to “Julia Ann (Cullum) Cowan, as Julia was my Great Grandmother, she was born march 24, 1885, and died in July 1904, at her age of (19) yrs. old, her death was due to complications with her “RH factor blood type, and her Pregnancy, her baby girl “Mildred Frances Cowan” was born on Feb. 12, 1904, she was 4 months old when her Mother died, they lived in Arkansas. I know we were also related to some people named “Reece”, “Minnie Reece”, (her married name), and she had a son, named Oran Reece, we were also related to some people named Hinson,


    • Thanks for contacting me! I did some checking. I think the man you have as Henry Arthur Cowan was actually William Arthur Cowan. I found a marriage record for him and Julia Cullum in Arkansas in 1903. Without verifying the connections myself, an online tree shows my 5x great grandfather William Cowan (b. 1750) is the father of Samuel Cowan, who was William Arthur Cowan’s great grandfather. We would be distant cousins. So, William Arthur Cowan married Julia Cullum, and they had one child, a daughter, Mildred Francis Cowan in 1904. Julia died in 1904 and William didn’t remarry. If Julia is your great grandmother, then you must be related to Mildred, but she had only one child, the famous Lana Turner, who had only one child, the also famous Cheryl Crane. So how do you fit into the family tree?


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