Springdale, Arkansas – City Directors, 1904

HINSON Isaac Newton City Directors

I recently mailed my Springdale-related photos to the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History, to add to their archives. (I have benefited greatly from the Shiloh Museum collections, and the help of a research assistant there.) There was one photo (above) that I had no information about and I almost didn’t send it.

It turned out, Shiloh Museum already had the photo, and had this information about it:

Springdale, 28 April 1904, City Directors:
Left to right: (Seated) C.L. Thompson, recorder, I.T. Lane, Mayor; (Standing) C.G. Dodson, W.H. Searcy, B.F. Young, J.M. Hewitt, J.H. Meyers, W.A. Graves, Newt Hinson, nightwatch. Our photo was once property of L.W. Searcy

So there is my great great grandfather Isaac Newton Hinson, nightwatch, pictured standing on the right.

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