The Tomato Dream – Poem by Wallace Paul Cowan (1903-1988)


Gina Chandler, photographer

Gina Chandler, photographer





Here’s a poem written by my grandfather, Wallace Paul Cowan. Midland Hardware refers to the Midland True Value Hardware store located at Antioch Shopping Center in Kansas City, Missouri.  He worked there after “retirement” in the 1980s.

COWAN Wallace Paul Tomato Poem

The Tomato Dream
Daryl at Midland Hardware said
“They’ll grow tall & straight & Green
with the prettiest leaves you’ve ever seen.”
I took his word and bought a pack,
he took my coins & gave me a sack.
Spring ain’t here but I can wait.
There’s lots of ice & I don’t skate.
I’ve days to dream and plan & plot
which way I’ll plant them across the lot.
Come 2 days straight at 65
I’ll plant them Big Boys if I don’t die
I’ll dig that ground, swing my hoe,
shape it up Row by Row.
Make some hills, then I’ll sow,
cover gently then I’ll wait.
What luck I have will be rebate.

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