Dora Ada Hinson (1875-1959)

updated January 2019

Dora Ada Hinson was my grandfather Wallace Paul Cowan’s aunt, sister to his mother Myrtle Bertie Hinson (1879-1971). She was the 3rd of 10 children of Isaac Newton Hinson (1849-1925) and Louisa Cumi Harp (1852-1918). You can read about their family here.

Ada was born May 7, 1875 in Whitener, Arkansas. She grew up in Madison County, Arkansas. Two of her brothers died during her childhood, Zimri in 1884 and Polk in 1887.

She married Andrew Jackson Sanders on February 28, 1893 in Madison County, Arkansas. She was 17 and Andrew was 19. They had son Carnel in 1894 and he died in 1896. They had son Utah in 1896 and son Sam in 1898.

On the 1900 US Census, Ada was 25, and she had been married to Andrew, a farmer, age 26, for 7 years. She had given birth to 3 children, two of whom were living: Utah, age 3; Sam, age 2. They lived in Madison County, Arkansas.

HINSON Isaac HARP Louisa, HINSON Bertie HINSON Dora Ada SANDERS Andrew Jackson

Sonny Sanders (son of Albert Utah Sanders) sent me the portraits above and this group photo.  Ada and Andrew are mismarked as Mr. & Mrs. A. G. Sanders. I think the photo was taken around 1905-06. I haven’t identified all the siblings in the photo but Ada’s mother Cumi is in the center and her father Newton is marked G. Father Hinson.

(Update: Shiloh Museum of Ozark History has this photo in their archives and provided me with more information. It was taken at the Baggett residence in Springdale around 1904. The man in the middle row to the left of Cumi is Blake Baggett. Based on this identification, think he’s holding his daughter Winnie, who was born in 1900, and I believe that is his wife Belle standing behind him to the left.)

In 1901, they had son Ottis.

On the 1910 US Census, Ada and Andrew were both listed as being 35. They were still farming in Springdale. Utah was 13, Sam was 12, and Ott was 9.

“at their farm in Texas”

Utah’s Find A Grave memorial I know the family moved to Washington state in about 1911, and then to Texas in 1913. Ada’s mother died in 1918, and her sister Vernie died in 1920. I can’t find them on the 1920 US Census. Ada’s father died in 1925.

On the 1930 US Census, Ada and Andrew were listed as 55 & 56 years old. In the 1940 US Census, Ada was 65 and Andrew was 66. They were farming in Crosby, Texas.

Ada’s brother Mack died in 1945, her sister Cleopie died in 1946, her brother Dan died in 1949, and her brother Lin died in 1952.

Ada and Andrew both died at Poplar Grove Convalescent Home in Lubbock, Texas. Ada died on December 28, 1959 at age 84 and Andrew died June 30, 1962 at age 88. Find A Grave has memorials for Ada and Andrew are here and here. They are buried in Lorenzo Cemetery in Crosby County, Texas.

The children of Dora Ada Hinson & Andrew Jackson Sanders:

Carnel O. Sanders – Carnel was born April 11, 1894 and died March 20, 1896. His Find A Grave memorial is here.


Albert Utah Sanders

Albert Utah Sanders – Utah was born August 22, 1896. He married Anna Gladys Woodward in 1921 and they had 6 children. Utah was farming in Lubbock, Texas in 1930 and by 1940 was a contractor is Los Angeles, California. Utah died April 29, 1985. His Find A Grave memorial is here.

Samuel Newton Sanders – Sam was born March 27, 1898. He married Jo B. Fugitt on June 29, 1921 and they had 3 children. He farmed in Lubbock, Texas (1930 and 1940). Sam died November 12, 1989. His Find A Grave memorial is here.

SANDERS Ottis Lee black and white

Ottis Lee Sanders

Ottis Lee Sanders – Ott was born April 16, 1901. He married Mallie McCall on June 5, 1927. They didn’t have children. They lived in Crosby, Texas. He worked as a teacher (1930) and a superintendent (1940). Ott died His Find A Grave memorial is here.

5 thoughts on “Dora Ada Hinson (1875-1959)

  1. This is fascinating to me. Dora was my husband’s great-grandmother. I have known most of this information, but haven’t seen some of the pictures until now. Your website is incredible! Your method of presentation is unsurpassed in my opinion. And the amount of research and labor you’ve invested is greatly appreciated and admired. Would you have copies of individual photos that you might share with me. I am especially interested in the 2 photos to the far left on this scrapbook page and also 2 photos on the right page-the 2 men in the field and the family with the car. I cannot seem to enlarge them on my computer to read their labels nor see the details of these. Thank you so much for all you’ve done and for your consideration!


    • Hello! I have digital copies of the pictures I am happy to send, and I would also be happy to send you the actual photos of Dora Ada’s family to keep them in the Sanders family. Email me at


      • What a generous offer! I am the only one left in Dora’s family interested in genealogy research (and I am an in-law 🙂 unless Sonny Sanders is still active, but I haven’t been able to visit with him in a long time. I will email you. Thank you again.


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  3. I am a friend and cousin of Stephanie and am also impressed with your presentation. I believe you will be remembered for your efforts in the same way Stephanie, myself, and all the others who received our aunt Elsie Ruff Isbell’s family history book appreciate her efforts to help us remember those who came before us. Thank you for sharing your memories.


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