Postcard – “I wish to thank you for all past favors” 1910

Postmarked: 2 February 1910, San Antonio TX
Addressed to: Alex Gray Craig MO

Feb’y 2 1910
I received my deed
from Heaton Bank, so
all is OK & I wish to
thank you for all past
favors. We are having a
good time but it is
very hot & dry here.
Best wishes to all. I
am yours truly [RA Simon?]

Heaton Bank was in Craig, Missouri. Is it signed R. A. Simon? That is my best guess.

1 thought on “Postcard – “I wish to thank you for all past favors” 1910

  1. I am getting old and still have a solid brick wall, my 3rd great-grandfather, Captain William York. William was born abt 1755 somewhere in Virginia (the most common age of the Rev War soldiers). William was captain of a troop of horse in Randolph County, NC, however, after being severely wounded, he migrated to TN when John Sevier came looking for soldiers to join him in the SW Territory, later known as 1. the state of Franklin and 2. Washington County, TN. Which brings me to the part of the story that includes one of the few ‘tips’ to his blood family. Note – there is some doubt that William was a York at all and that, perhaps his mother, a widow, married into the large York clan in NC. William was one of the very few literate members of the community so someone cared enough to teach him to read and write, and perhaps why he was elected captain of their local troop. Yes, this is all proven re his service and dates from the time he arrived in the SW Territory. He married ‘Ailsey’, again an enigma, however they named a son, Josiah COWAN York b 1799 Washington Co., TN, my 2nd great-grandfather, who rode to Florida with Jackson from Roane County, TN. Except for three married daughters, the family left for Georgia in 1829.
    Another ? – Josiah named a son, Larkin, and we have no idea where that name came from, unless it was his wife’s brother, Larkin Blake.
    Oh,, William did not give any of his children a middle name (Josiah did), except for Josiah Cowan York.
    From someone who desperate wants to solve this mystery before I meet my maker… and I almost did, last year with COVID 19! … and, yes, you will seldom meet anyone who is the 3rd great-grandchild of a Rev War soldier in this day and time! So much of this family history has just fallen at my feet, although I have worked on my genealogy for over 35 years now. If you could pass this around to the family and see if any of the names are familiar – and the other names are so common as to the point of being unsearchable, however Josiah is my line and I want to know who he is named after!
    Thank you for your patience and your research.
    Diane Stark McConnell Sanfilippo


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