View From the Water Tower in Springdale, Arkansas 1917/1921

My grandfather Wallace Paul Cowan (1903-1988) apparently climbed the water tower in Springdale, Arkansas . . . at least twice. I doubt the dates on the photos are correct, but I’m reporting what is written on the back in my grandfather’s handwriting. Here’s a picture of him from around this time:

My beautiful picture

Wallace Paul Cowan – around 1920

This photo is marked “Looking SW from top of city water tower. X location of station where I work. 1917 Springdale Ark.” I enhanced the X in photoshop.

My beautiful picture
I have photos of some gas stations in Springdale, but I’m saving them for another day.

This photo is marked “Looking S from tower. X real estate I own. 1917 Springdale Ark.” Maybe he marked the X (which I enhanced in photoshop) years later, because in 1917 he was only 14. I think the X probably marks the house on Frisco Street where his mother lived the 1940s and 1950s, which his mother signed over to him in 1950.

My beautiful picture

This photo isn’t dated: “Looking SE from tower.”

My beautiful picture

Finally, “Looking north, a scene from top of water tower in city park, Springdale Ark. 1921. Welch Grape Juice factory on left.”

My beautiful picture

I decided to Google search for pictures of Springdale from around this time, and I didn’t find much more than a postcard of the Welch’s Grape Juice factory and mention that it’s now Clements Processing. I can’t find where the water tower is or was in Springdale.

I did come across a Bright & Shiny Object (aka BSO, a genealogical distraction) – land records for Arkansas, including dozens for folks in my family tree: Washington County Arkansas Land Records 1834-1991. That will keep me busy for awhile, entering all those into my research log.

I’m going to work on these photos more, and try to figure out where exactly they were taken. If you information that could help me, I’d love to hear from you!

Update 8/29/2015 – Robert McClain commented below that the water tower was just to the right of the pin on this map.

5 thoughts on “View From the Water Tower in Springdale, Arkansas 1917/1921

  1. Hi Suzanne, thanks for visiting my blog. Good luck with your family tree research, I love the way you’re presenting photos and letters as part of your site, and creating a lasting way of remembering your family.


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