So Much to Learn, and So Many Learning Resources!

Because I’m new to blogging, and so far I’ve just winged it, I’m taking a class called Blogging 101 (available here.) The first assignment is to do an introductory post, but I’ve already done that so I decided to go with a “what I’m doing now” post.

Today there was nothing on the calendar until evening, so I’ve spent a lot of time online reading articles and watching videos on topics I’m trying to understand. I actually re-watched the first half of the “Research Right” webinar by Thomas MacEntee at Hack Genealogy. I’m glad I have access for a year because I’ll probably watch it again.

I’m also interested in using Evernote, and I’m trying to figure out how that will fit into my genealogy research process. I watched an Explorinar called “Evernote – Easy Note Taking” by Thomas MacEntee (available here) and read a blogpost by Colleen Greene called “Evernote for Genealogy: Research Logs and Note Links” (available here).

I checked Facebook (OK, quite a few times, but this one time . . . ) and saw in the Genealogy Do-Over group that Rebecca Walbecq shared an interesting looking blogpost (here), “Re-thinking the parents of William Hawley” on Genealogist on a Journey.  She set up timelines for two men to compare and see which was her ancestor. Great idea, and I bet it will come in handy sometime.

Then my mind wandered off into the research toolbox concept, and I don’t remember what set me on this path, but I watched a preview video, again by Thomas MacEntee (available here) and I got a pretty good idea of what he is talking about. (I guess my go-to guy right now is Thomas MacEntee. He has put a lot of great information out there for us and I’m very appreciative.)

Finally, I checked into the latest news on round 3 of the Genealogy Do-Over (available here). This is, of course, another Thomas MacEntee endeavor. I’m not currently DOING a Do-Over, but I am trying to learn all I can. After learning more about research toolboxes, I saw it was part of this week’s plan. So much great information available in this one post regarding making a research toolbox and citing sources – and there’s actually a toolbox provided that you can edit to make your own.

Luckily the next few days will be busy for my family, because I need to let what I’ve learned today soak in!

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