Postcard – Public Bath House, Paseo, Kansas City, MO

Postmarked: February 9, 1916, Kansas City MO
Addressed to: Mrs. Rose Gray, Craig, MO

Kansas City, Mo. Feb. 9, 1916

Dear Sister:
Just got your letter &
will write to tell you to bring
Pa’s over-coat also his razor
& shaving brush. Don’t know
if you will get this if
you don’t we will have
to send them to him
later. Guess he is a little
better this morning but it
is a very little. I can’t get
down to where your train
comes in so you just come
up with the crowd & I will
be there some place close
to where you come in.
I will stay till Friday.
Ma can get some one to stay
with her to-morrow night.

(Along the side: “Bring the little razor strap with the string to it.”)

Lula Gray (1881-1973) is writing to her mother Rose Althea Browning Gray (1854-1938) and her sister Bernice Erma Gray (1888-1981) who lived at the family home. Pa is Alexander Gray (1856-1940.)

A history of this bath house can be found here:

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